Must Have Business Apps

If you own a small business, there are several apps that you must have. Apps that both help you manage your business and increase your income. Take a look at just a few apps that you should consider adding to your phone.

A business owner using an app.


Yelp is essential in managing your business. Although it is not as popular as it once was, many consumers still rely on it. This is especially true if you own a restaurant or a service business.

The Yelp app is free and it allows you to manage your business profile as well as respond to consumers. Answer reviews and chat directly with consumers who have questions. Want to stay in touch with your customer base, get the Yelp app.


If you have a younger consumer demographic, Instagram is a must download app. The 20 to 30 year old crowd is very big with Instagram and building a following can dramatically help your bottom line.

Imagine being able to put a picture in front of thousands of potential consumers every day. Also imagine being able to do that for free. Sound good? Get the app.


If you have not heard of Fiverr, you need to look into it. With Fiverr, you can get all sorts of inexpensive services for your business from logo creation to internet marketing. Don’t let the name fool you though, some of the services cost more than 5 dollars. That being said they still offer a significant discount over the price that you see elsewhere.

Google Ads

If you run PPC advertising, you are probably very familiar with Google. Google has a stranglehold on the industry and if you want to get business from search, you need to work with them.

The app can make running your PPC campaign all the easier. You are not always in the office and you need to be able to control your ads and your ad budget on the fly. The app gives you more control in a much easier interface than trying to use the mobile website.

Google My Business

There is much more to Google than PPC advertising. You also have your Google local listing which needs to be managed. Download the mobile app and be able to make changes on the fly, respond to customers and handle customer reviews. It will just plain make your life easier to have instant access to these things for your business.