Business App FAQ’s

If you are thinking about having an app for your business created, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s see if we can answer a few of them for you.Take a look at our FAQ list and if you still have questions, contact us.

Building an app from scratch.

Why should I create an app?
This question just gets right down to the point doesn’t it? The answer is because you need to stay with the times. Mobile is where it is at and that is where people, especially young people are making their purchases. You want to make it as easy as you can for people to make purchases and an app does just that.

How can an app make me money?
There are several ways for you to make money from your application. If you sell a product, use your app to make it easy for people to spend. If you have a service, you can make it easier for people to book with you. People always go the easy route, make it easy for them to give you money.
One final way to make money from your app is to charge for the app itself. If you can put some of your expertise into it, and people will find it useful, you can cahrge for the app download.

Can I make my own app?
Yes, you can use a service such as Build Fire or similar to build your own app with no experience. We recommend you reach out to a full time app builder however for the best results. You only get one real chance to present a good app, so try to put your best foot forward.

Will my app replace my website?
Yes and no. You should have a mobile first website and that will continue to be an important part of your business. You can however, use your website to push downloads of your app. Ultimately you want mobile users to use your app first and foremost because you will have greater control of its function.

Should my app be for Apple or Android?
Ideally, you want your app to be available for all devices. If you can only afford to create an app for one however, Apple would be the place to start. It is far simpler to develop an app for Apple because of the single platform. While Android devices share the same basic operating system, each phone manufacturer has tweaked the program. That makes Android apps a bit trickier and more expensive to develop.

How long will it take to create an app?
This is a tough question to answer because, quite frankly, it depends. It depends on what you want the app to be able to do. If you pay a company to develop an app for you, it can take as little as 30 days to several months. Therefore, the sooner you get going the better.

Can I send push notifications to users?
If they opt into them, yes you can. That is one of the best parts of creating an app. The ability to reach out to your customer base quickly on their phones is a wonderful thing for business.