10 Best Objective-C and iOS Developer Video Tutorials Online

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If you are developing an iOS app yourself, I’m sure that you’ve searched online to find that there are a sea of resources out there. One of the best ways to learn code is by writing it yourself; and the quickest way to start writing code is by watching others do it themselves. To help you out, we’ve sorted through the sea of videos and learning sites out there, and have compiled a list of video tutorials that we find most useful in learning Objective-C and iOS development.

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Online Videos

TeamTreeHouse: iOS Development Track – with Objective C

Update: TeamTreeHouse: iOS Development Track – with Swift

TeamTreeHouseFree 14 day trial. Under the iOS Development Track, there are deep dive tutorials such as, “objective-c basics” and “iOS foundations”. Project based tutorials such as, “build a simple iPhone app ( ios7 )” and “build a blog reader iPhone app” are there to get you off the ground running.


iTunes U: Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad ( Stanford )

Update: iTunes U: Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift (Stanford)

iTunes U: Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPadFree. Stanford University’s 2013/2014 semester course on developing iOS 7 apps for iPhone/iPad and the 2014/2015 course on iOS 8 apps with Swift. Taught by Paul Hegarty and consists of 18 lectures and several assignments. Although it’s a great introductory class for iOS app development, having prior experience with the C language and object-oriented programming is very helpful.


Udemy: Objective-C

Update: Udemy: Swift Programming

UdemyFree/Paid. Udemy has collections of courses with over 2 million students enrolled. There are free courses such as “This Is How You Make iPhone Apps – iOS Development Course” and popular courses you pay for, such as “Learn to Make iPhone Apps with Objective-C for iOS 7”.


Lynda.com: iOS category

Lynda.comFree 7 Day Trial. Lynda.com has short and long courses ranging from 1 to 6 hours. There are beginner courses such as “iOS App Development Essential Training” and short intermediate courses like “iOS 7 SDK New Features”. While most of the courses are accessible only for members, there are free previews available in each.


Harvard Extension School: Building Mobile Applications

Harvard Extension SchoolFree. 12 Lectures in total which goes over HTML5 (2 lectures), Android (5 lectures), iOS (4 lectures), and Windows Mobile (1 lecture). Each lecture and section has slides, source codes, and videos posted within them. The assignments are posted online as well.


SkillShare: iOS

SkillshareFree 14 Day Trial. SkillShare is similar to Udemy or Lynda.com above and if you become a member, you get access to all the member classes and 20% off of all other courses.


Ray Wenderlich: Apple iOS, Swift, and Objective-C Tutorials

Ray Wenderlich - iOS, Swift, Objective-C video tutorialsFree. Courses are categorized by beginner, intermediate, and advanced series. There are literally hundreds of video tutorials here to choose from. Example of a beginner series: “Beginning Swift 2 Series”.


PluralSight: iOS Training

PluralSight - Objective C tutorialPaid. Has a rich library of full-length iOS development videos from IT instructors. Some new courses that are featured on their site: “iOS7 Fundamentals”.


Code School: iOS Path

CodeSchool - Objective-C TutorialFree/Paid: The videos here focus on learning by doing. One free course that we enjoyed was called “Try Objective-C”. Although this particular course didn’t contain videos, it was fun, and the 8-bit arcade theme gives it a unique touch.


Learn iOS App Development: Video Tutorial Series for Beginners

Learn iOS App DevelopmentFree. 175 YouTube videos, each around 8 mins in length. These demo-based lectures were great primers for learning Objective-C, Swift, and iOS development for the iPhone.

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